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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
  New Years Resolutions

I've never really kept these or done much in achieving them but this is the second half of my year as a 21 year old, supposedly the pinnacle of your "youth."

1.) Keep losing weight.
You've been losing weight yes, and you've splurged a bit over the break towards the end to console yourself. No more eating to comfort yourself.

2.) Start going to the gym. Keep going,
You started off last year right by going pretty often, but you seem to taper off every time. This time I've got the resolve that if I want a beautiful girl and I want to fall in love I've got to make it happen-so speaking of which-

3.) Get over the shy crap already.
Stop being a wuss. Stop this not taking the chance and not acting when you should. When you feel like you want to say something to Dad or Mom, or your friends or sisters but you think it sounds like something out of a movie or too cliched, just do it. Stop being to critical! No one is here forever, and one day you might not be able to say what you should, and it will stay with you. People keep telling you you're a funny guy and you've got a great personality. Put it to work Peter, and stop being alone-Carpe Diem.

4.) Try to be nice/supportive/a friend to one of your friends every day if you can.

5.) Hit up mass with Mom and Dad when you're home.
And while you're at it get into the habit of talking to God during the day. He knows what you're going to ask anyways, but I think this is more for you at this point.

6.) Cut down on cursing.
I hate that I curse and say shit, and crap, and fuck, fuckers, and I even belt out the occasional He damns it... You're more intelligent than that, you're well-spoken and well-read so as Lois tells Stewie: "Use your words honey!"

7.) Give up masturbation for a month.
This is going to be rough, yeah. I've gone periods without doing it, but I think if what Fred says is true, than not servicing yourself will make you more ballsier and help out with resolution # 3.

8.) Don't say negative things about people.
Just keep it to yourself if you can.

9.) Finish Final Fantasy 3, 5, 6, and 7 by the end of the year.
This is not that important lol, but catch up!

10.) Curb your spending.
You've done a good job alcohol wise, in not buying much and cutting down on the beer drinking; no one needs an $80 bar night to get drunk when you don't enjoy getting drunk. Stop buying so much shit! Play the videogames you have, beat them, trade them in THEN reward yourself with a new one. Save as much as you can so you can buy things when you really need them or maybe so you can afford to do nice things for others... Never thought about that did you you greedy bastard?

11.) Stop lying. Stop stealing.
Stop the white lies you keep telling. Stop making yourself seem better than you are. The lies are taking hold like the stupid One Ring. You're starting to believe some of them and that's a demented way to live. And keep your promises, don't make it if you'll break it. Scott Stephens-friendship kinda rekindled there. You said you'd keep in touch,invite him up for a party. So do it...he's a good kid and was a good friend at one time. Maybe he will be again. Don't say something for the sake of adding your two [false] cents to the conversation. You've been starting to do this but nip it in the bud. And stop taking things, you are better than that and in your heart you DO want to be a good person.

12.) There is no 12.
Keep to the 11 and better yourself. 
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