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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
  Someone asked on, where I write advice for, "What makes you feel happy? With women, and with life in general." Here was my response. I post it here because these were things that came to mind quickly and I found them important.

I love this question. It made me really think about it.

1.) When my niece or nephew tell me randomly they love me.
2.) When my father or mother tells me they're very proud of me.
3.) When a friend and I have a heart to heart convo.
4.) An email or IM from a friend I haven't heard from in awhile checking in on me, because they're been checking my away messages or online journal and are concerned.
5.) Some of my favorite movies make me VERY happy. And there's nothing better than sitting in the movie theater opening night for a film you've been waiting for for months or years to open and just being there with all your friends, perfect seats.
6.) Getting noticed for small things, like if a professor thanks me at the end of the semester for attending every class when you never thought they even noticed lol
7.) Sunshine ALWAYS makes me happy. A beautiful day is like a drug.

Let's move onto women:

1.) When a woman does that little look at you/glance away game.
2.) When a woman blatantly checks you out.
3.) When a girl leaves you her number, particularly when you've never even talked!
4.) When certain women I know laugh it warms my heart to a ridiculous level.
5.) Recently I met a girl I'd known online since she im'ed me for 3 years, but met for the first time that day. When we hugged upon meeting she gave an extra little squeeze before letting go and I could have died from happiness at that moment.
6.) When a gf or woman leaves you a little note/email that brightens your day.
7.) When a woman compliments me on something important to me, like they notice if I've lost weight, or if they remember my birthday etc.
8.) Everytime a woman says they love you, or they'll miss you, or tells you how you make them feel. Nothing is better.

best of luck,

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